Running between votes and meetings on Capitol Hill.

The Wrap Up: Week of March 2, 2020

Sharing the highlights from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s week in New York and Washington.


It’s been a busy work week for Kirsten! Here are a few of the highlights:

On Wednesday, Kirsten held the first of many regular roundtables with disability advocates to discuss policies, hear feedback, and brainstorm ways to work with the disability community.

She also sat for a meeting of the Environment and Public Works Committee, where she questioned Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Kristine Svinicki on faulty risk analysis for a gas pipeline near the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.

All this while running to and from a number of important votes this week, including one for emergency supplemental appropriations to address the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States. With multiple cases of Coronavirus now confirmed in New York State, her office is working to develop a robust and strategic response to keep people safe.

Finally, she finished off the week in Utica and Buffalo to roll out the End Outsourcing Act, legislation that would protect jobs in New York and across the country by ensuring that federal policies only reward companies that invest in the United States.

Rolling out the End Outsourcing Act in Utica and Buffalo

She also paid a visit to the SOMOS Conference in Albany, a yearly event for legislators, scholars, business, and labor leaders to speak with advocates in New York State’s Latino community and address their concerns.

Some dancing at the SOMOS Albany Conference

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